Hey there, I’m Laud, the Solo Developer of Laud Games. I’ve always been in love with Horror Games because I like being scared but also because it made me feel a bit braver for beating them.

The picture to the left is one of my Dad handing me a pair of daggers when I was 9 years old so trust me, I know how to make Horror Games.

Other than the very strange and yet loving childhood that I had, I’m a pretty normal guy. I like Anime, playing JRPGs, reading books about stuff, and I try to stay away from idle clicker games because I love watching numbers go up.

I drank a ton of chocolate milk growing up and I listen to a lot of different kinds of music but these days it’s mostly Hip-Hop, Rap, and Alternative Rock. Occasionally, I’ll fall in love with the Undertale soundtrack all over again and bump it in the Camry on my way to work.

I also play Horror Games on my YouTube channel and occasionally stream on Twitch. You can subscribe and follow me by clicking the buttons below.